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In this newsletter we are proud to present the latest developments concerning furniture makers, tailors and other members of the Lifestyle group using the assistance of Holland Bolga Support.

Competition students sewing workshops
The Lifestyle group includes not only furniture makers, but also tailors, weavers, hairdressers and jewelry makers. In recent years, the competitions of the furniture makers were a great success. This year for the first time since the tailors program began, 26 participated in the championship contest. All entries have been received, [see photos.] The results and award ceremony will take place in the autumn. The weavers and hairdressers are also making plans to organize a championship competition. Their enthusiasm is truly inspiring! To make it possible for everyone to participate, the costs are reimbursed by Holland Bolga Support. This mainly concerns materials, but also the costs for the purchase and festive presentation of the prizes, organization and public relations.

State exams
This year 29 students took part in the national state exam: 12 furniture makers, 11 tailors, 2 hairdressers, 2 jewelry makers and 2 weavers. Initially, 25 candidates passed (86%); and 4 candidates subsequently passed the exam via a retest. A great result, also compared to previous years. Holland Bolga Support finances the national state exams of its students.

Financing the craftsmen
At the beginning of this year, a start was made on financing the craftsmen’s activities. After consultation with Lifestyle, a start was made with the furniture makers and carpenters. The financing method is similar to a microcredit program. The furniture makers can get a loan for materials for making furniture. Interest is charged per quarter on the amount they borrow: the percentage is in cooperation partly determined by the furniture makers themselves. The quarterly interest amount is credited to a bank account. At the end of the period, after 12 months, the borrowed money with the last interest amount is repaid to the Foundation. The interest is used for the school and the activities of the Lifestyle group. The aim is to promote and ultimately to become completely independent. The payment for the first three quarters has now been completed. This method of financing is also attractive for the tailors, weavers, jewelry makers and hairdressers, who are eager to begin a comparable construction.

If you would like to know more about financing, click here.

If you would like to support the work of Lifestyle and St Holland Bolga Support, you can transfer your donation to NL50 ABNA 0247 3291 93 or via the website. Thanks for this on behalf of all participants of the Lifestyle group.