Vision and Method

Lifestyle Artisans arose from the ambition to achieve improvements in the quality of products, in the living conditions of artisans and in the development opportunities of underprivileged young people in and around Bolgatanga.

The vision of Lifestyle can be expressed as follows:

– Train craftsmen from different fields to compete on an equal level with craftsmen from other parts of Ghana and Africa;
– Reduce the number of unemployed youth in Ghana and contribute to stopping the emmigration of Ghanaian youth, both inside and outside Ghana;
– Contribute to the fight against poverty among the underprivileged in Bolgatanga and Ghana.

Lifestyle aims to achieve these goals by:

– Making barrier-free education widely available, so that young people with no or minimal prior education can also learn a craft;
– Providing training to both professional and apprentice craftsmen with the aim of improving their products efficiently and qualitatively;
– Guiding the Lifestyle members in running their own business, and stimulating the exchange of experiences and knowledge among members.