The Holland Bolga Support Foundation (HBS) supports a partnership of a group of craftsmen in and around the city of Bolgatanga in northern Ghana through projects designed with financial, technical and ethical support. Through their projects, the Holland Bolga Support Foundation (HBS) supports a financial, technical and ethically-based collaboration of groups of craftsmen in and around the city of Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. This partnership, Lifestyle Artisans (Lifestyle) aims to improve the particular local situation of the craftsmen.

Holland Bolga Support raises funds for the activities of Lifestyle Artisans. In addition, this foundation provides management support to Lifestyle Artisans for setting up and improving the offerings and quality of education, organizing and managing the school, and, where possible, financing the start-ups selected in consultation.


The Holland Bolga Support Foundation was established on May 7, 2017. Before the foundation was set up, two of the current board members had already been to Bolgatanga several times. They were there because there was a demand from the local population to advise furniture companies and provide support in the field of expertise and entrepreneurship.

In 2016, the woodworkers in Bolgatanga united into a collective under the inspiring leadership of Bernard Hito Atanga to join forces. He saw how many young people, who hung out in and around the companies and did odd jobs for some food, had hardly been to school and had absolutely no opportunities to follow a vocational training.

He took the initiative to set up a school/training center in woodworking and other crafts for these young people. LifeStyle Artisans was founded with the help of the local administrators. Bernard Hito Atanga asked for our support to make this happen. That is why we set up the Holland Bolga Support Foundation in 2017: we wholeheartedly support this initiative and the Lifestyle Artisans group.


How do we work

The Holland Bolga Support Foundation has essentially a supportive function. Based on the demand from the local population, in this case the Lifestyle Artisans collective, plans are made in consultation with their staff and board, the organization analyzed, needs determined, and financial support elicited from the Netherlands.

In addition to the regular educational and organizational activities, there are a number of special projects with the aim of generating income for and by Lifestyle Artisans (see eg the project “Credit production line”): improving education, increasing mutual knowledge exchange, and improving social cohesion.

An important point of departure in the choice of support for an activity remains the principle that Lifestyle Artisans itself will take over the financing of its activities in the future.