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Finally I succeeded to put some new things on the website: a few links to video’s are under the button “Photos”, and under the button “Organization” the Annual Report 2017 is added. Not yet in the English language, but we’ll work on that in the near future. And – of course even more important – there have in the past months many people, funds and foundations been donating money, which gave us the opportunity to keep supporting the lessons in Bolga. Many thanks to everyone who gave money or is gonna do that yet!

If you click on the headline above this newsmessage, you’ll see the message with underneath the possibility to give a reaction and/or to subscribe to the news messages.


The Festive Start Of Our New Website

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The beginning

Today, sunday february 25th, 2018 finally here we go! After a difficult process “dealing with wordpress” we are finally ready to launche the site. In doing so, we had a lot of help from ICT4FREE, a group of youthful nerds (can I say that?) that help charity organizations free of charge to create a website. Thank you Wouter!

Of course there’s some thing still to be done, but by and large it works, and what is especially important: the donate option with “the 1 press button” works. (Try it!).

The wishlist for the coming time is:

  • add more photos
  • create a YouTube channel with videos and a link towards it
  • build in the ability to donate in Crypto Currency. There seems to be a real revolution taking place in the field of international paying! Now it costs us more than 20 euros to have any  amount of money sent to an African bank account, not to mention the percentages that Western Union and Paypal ask. The crypto payments are free of charge and as experts say there are unprecedented opportunities on the horizon for, for example, micro-credits to the third world.

But first we will have to work on the annual report for 2017, and when that’s ready our fundraising advisor can start with the fundraising.

And then we need to try to find out how you, as a reader of this news blog, can subscribe so that every time something is written you will be informed thereof.

And you also can expect in this blog a report about how our fundraising activities so far have been.